St. Louis, MO

About Us

Summit Business Allies – More Than a Partner

Our Purpose is You . . .

Summit Business Allies prides ourselves in understanding our clients needs first and foremost. We want to get to the root of your problems and assist you by providing personalized solutions. We’re not an up-sell company; we’re a company who understands that your success equals our success. Being able to better serve you IS OUR PURPOSE. We’re thankful for every opportunity we have in life and business to make a difference. That’s what makes us tick.

There is something about building up a comradeship – that I still believe is the greatest of all feats – and sharing in the dangers with your company of peers. It’s the intense effort, the giving of everything you’ve got. It’s really a very pleasant sensation.” – Sir Edmund Hillary

Our Process for Your Success . . .

No matter which of our business solutions you employ, we have a standard process that everyone at Summit Business Allies follows. We find that this consistency throughout each project we undertake is beneficial to our clients understanding of how we perform. Although there are many underlying tasks involved at each stage in the process, we strive for the same result every time; the proper solution, seamlessy applied, ensuring a happy client. 



We learn all about the unique nature of your business and discuss any concerns you have.

No two businesses are alike so we want to know what is and isn’t currently working for your organization.



After the discovery phase we create individual projects to organize each issue.

We then take these issues and compartmentalize them into smaller tasks to assure a thorough plan of action.



With project planning completed we now begin to research multiple solutions.

We then compile a list of qualified solutions, discuss how we would implement each, and project the overall cost for each solution.



At this point we’ve worked with your team to select the best solution to fit your budget.

Throughout the implementation process we keep you in the loop providing you with regular updates on the projects progress.