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News from the Summit

Win a FREE Website!

Website Includes: Up to 10 web pages 1 Webform Responsive design for mobile devices No e-commerce websites All website assets (logo, photos, video) must be provided by the winning company Winning company must own the domain they want to use and agree to cover domain hosting costs. Does Your Business Need A Website? Summit Business…
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New Website, New Market!

A belated Happy Halloween to everyone out there! I hope it was a safe evening and everyone ate too much candy. With Halloween out of the way and the impending Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays right around the corner we wanted to bring you up to date on some exciting News from the Summit! Our new…
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Enterprise Systems Integration

Systems Integration 101

Systems Integration – Oh no, not this again! As entrepreneurs and business owners we hear the term “Systems Integration” thrown around quite a bit. With so much attention paid to an uninspiring, almost boring aspect of business intelligence and operations it’s no wonder that systems integration gets such a bad wrap. Regardless of existing perceptions,…
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Hello Beautiful!

Beautiful Bend, Oregon that is!  Summit Business Allies is happy to announce we will begin working with clients in the Central Oregon Region beginning March 1st, 2019. With the diversity of business, local culture, and progressive nature of the community, we are super excited to start meeting with all of you very soon! Don’t wait…
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Layman’s Terms

Marketing and IT Terms – In an effort to help users of our blog we wanted to create an ongoing list of terms for reference. CMS: Content Management System CRM: Customer Relationship Management EaaS: Executives as a Service. This is where executives offer their services on a part-time or project basis for companies that cannot…
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