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Education and Training

Beat the Obsolete and Train for Success …

Summit Business Allies provides education and training services for a myriad of traditional software and SaaS cloud applications. We can assist your team in transitioning to new software, help with new employee onboarding, and even create a customized training program for your company. We’ll work with you and your staff to guarantee employee retention and proficiency exceeds your expectations.

Onsite Training for Groups

*Due to COVID-19 all onsite training classes are limited to 10 participants.

Training large groups of people can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor. In addition to the time and expense involved is the concern that training information is actually being retained.

Summit Business Allies has worked with both large and small organizations providing a wide range of training services. Depending on the group size this training can be completed as quickly as one day or can be spread out over a period of several weeks.

Regardless of the size of your group, we make sure to organize attendees into smaller more manageable groups for a better student to teacher ratio. This allows for key concepts to be delivered and also leaves room for one on one interactions creating a better training experience and higher material retention.

Remote Training

Summit Business Allies offers both group and one on one remote traing sessions. We find this method of training to be just as effective as onsite training; remote training means you pay less for the same information.

Although we do offer remote group training we prefer one on one training and “train the trainer” sessions. With the “train the trainer” methadology, we provide comprehensive training to key members of your staff so they can then train the rest of your staff.

Not only is this a cost effective delivery method, but it also provides your organization with on-site employee experts to answer any questions staff members might have. These employee experts can also act as liason with our support personnel to work through any unsolved issues that may arise. 

Customized Training Programs

Summit Business Allies will work with your management team to create and distribute training programs, employee handbooks, and workflow guidelines.

We can provide traditional training materials or create interactive e-learning courses guaranteed to properly educate your new employees on company procedures and compliance.

With our customized training programs, you define what topics are essential and we make it an enjoyable experience for onboarding new hires.

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