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Executives as a Service (EaaS)

Make Executive Decisions with EaaS . . .

Summit Business Allies is proud to partner with highly experienced executive professionals to provide our customers with EaaS (Executives as a Service). Eaas is exactly what it sounds like; you and your business receive the guidance of qualified executives on an as needed basis. These professionals give you the advantage of directing the future of your company while saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

Fractional CEO

Fractional CEO’s give your company access to the knowledge and direction of seasoned Chief Executive Officers without having to permanently fulfill the role internally. In this “use as needed” capacity, Fractional CEO’s are a fiscally responsible option to move your company in the right direction without becoming an unnecessary cost center.

Fractional CFO

Fractional CFO’s can provide vital financial information about your company beyond standard accounting services. By providing in-depth financial analysis, recommendations for future cost-cutting opportunities, and uncovering hidden revenue catalysts, Chief Financial Officers can give you a leg up in the profit / loss column without having to pay a full-time CFO salary.

Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO’s are a key resource in guiding your marketing and advertising initiatives. Chief Marketing Officers advise on every component of your marketing strategy ensuring all the crucial components of your marketing portfolio are carefully considered. As part of this service our CMO’s can be utilized as little as one time a year for budget planning or any time you have a new product / campaign that requires high level marketing expertise.

Fractional CIO

Fractional CIOs are the backbone of your company’s infrastructure and are dedicated to streamlining day to day operations through integration and analytics. Chief Information Officers analyze the efficiency of the systems you have in place and forecast future scalability needs to provide the highest efficiency for your company workflow. A Fractional CIO enhances your IT department giving you a technological edge without draining IT budget resources.

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