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Layman’s Terms

Layman’s Terms

Marketing and IT Terms –

In an effort to help users of our blog we wanted to create an ongoing list of terms for reference.

CMS: Content Management System

CRM: Customer Relationship aspirina vasodilatatore erezione Management

EaaS: Executives as a Service. This is where executives offer their services on a part-time or project basis for companies that duratia 60 mg crossfit cannot hcg tablets fill these positions in their company for one muerte wikipedia reason or another.

ECM: come aumentare ematocrito Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Systems Integration: The process of connecting different sub-systems (components or applications) into a single functioning system. In terms of business functionality it is the process of linking together systems, services and software allowing them to communicate in a real-time goedkoopste kamagra sense creating efficiency of data across the organization.

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

SaaS: Software as a Service. These are cloud applications that are paid for through a subscription rather than paying large sums up front and hosting them on your own servers.

James Layman has over 15 years experience helping companies increase their brand recognition, fine-tune their marketing initiatives, and streamlining their day to day operations providing long-term growth and prosperity.

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