St. Louis, MO

New Website, New Market!

New Website, New Market!

A belated Happy Halloween to everyone out there! I hope it was a safe evening and everyone ate too much candy.

With Halloween out of the way and the impending Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays right around the corner we wanted to bring you up to date on some exciting News from the Summit!

Our new website officially launches tomorrow morning and we're really happy with the new look and functionality. To coincide with that new launch we are now accepting clients in St. Louis, MO and the surrounding region. If you are a business owner in the Lou or you have friends or family that own businesses please send them our way and tell them to schedule a free consultation!

That's all the news we have this week but check back in the next couple of weeks for some marketing tips and tricks guaranteed to make even the beginning marketer gain some market traction.

James Layman has over 15 years experience helping companies increase their brand recognition, fine-tune their marketing initiatives, and streamlining their day to day operations providing long-term growth and prosperity.

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